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Austar Technologies is a leading manufacturer of HVLS Fan in Chennai and provide you with the best range of products in industrial fans which is cost-effective, aesthetically designed and reliable. These fans run at a lesser speed than the usual fans because of which they provide non-disruptive and excess airflow. This ceiling fan is larger than other fans by 7 feet and 2.1 meters in diameter.

Austar HVLS fans are ceiling HVLS fan although some are pole mounted HVLS Fan. Austar HVLS fan move slowly and spread large amount of cool air at low speed rotational hence the name "high volume low speed Fan (HVLS)." Austar HVLS fan distribute into two classification, industrial HVLS Fan and commercial HVLS Fan. Austar HVLS Fan used in Large spaces like Warehouses, Railway Station, Airport and Church...etc. Austar HVLS fan are also used in Big commercial spaces, where air conditioning is required more, but due to increased air movement from ceiling fans can cost-effectively augment occupant comfort or prevent stratification.

Fans made of Austar HVLS have big columns of air that are cylindrical in shape and flows downwards to the floor and exterior in all different directions. This, in turn, helps fans circulate the air in large spaces.

Why Choose Our HVLS Fan?

International Quality at affordable cost.

HVLS Fan is a Key business for the company and provides dedicated support availability for life time.

Management is directly involved in day to day Manufacturing and After Sales Operations, Ensuring Quality Product and Fast after sales Service.

All components of Imported Fans are manufactured as per International Quality and at par with International Brands.

HVLS Fan Manufacturer

Who we are ?

Austar Technologies has started engineering business in 1997 by supplying precision fabrication to multinational engineering companies followed by manufacturing set up for EOT Cranes & Construction Machines. We started our operations in Gujarat in 2017 in the Manufacturing of HVLS Fans with different designs and models which cater to the need of our clients.

Austar Technologies is a leading HVLS Fan Manufacturer in Ahmedabad. We have our dedicated manufacturing unit of 20000 Square Feet of area at well-known industrial hub Vatva GIDC Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Here we have manufacturing capacity of 200 Fan per month. We always believe in serving Ahmedabadn market with premium quality Product at affordable cost and life long service back up.

We are continuously winning our customer appreciation and growing business month by month. We would like to share few of them. So, if you wish to buy, visit Austar Technologies, one of the premier HVLS Fan Manufacturers in Ahmedabad. We have earned a name amongst the leading fan manufacturing companies in Ahmedabad. At Austar, the top industrial fan manufacturers in Ahmedabad, we promise you the best quality at the best price!


HVLS Fan Key Components

Gear Motor: Nord make ( German Make ) with reinforce bearing for longer life

Blade Mounting Hub: Single Piece Die casted Aluminum Hub duly NDT testing done for each and every piece.

Blades: Broadest section with double ribs for higher strength.

Paint: All metal components Hot Deep Gavanized / Power Coated for longer life

All Aliminum components Annodized / Powder coated for longer life

All Aliminum components Annodized / Powder coated for longer life

HVLS Fan Manufacturer in Chennai

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If You Are Looking For Heavy 5 Blade Gearless HVLS Fans Which Are Both Reliable And Affordable, You’re At Right Place!

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HVLS Fan For Warehouse

Warehouse are particularly massive stock holder place which is made of tens of thousand of square meet. In Wareshouses, Fans become ineffective to give air to such a big space. Keeping this pain point in mind we have built and designed our HVLS fans to tackle such a situation.

Hvls Fan For Railway Station

HVLS Fan For Railway Station

Austar HVLS ceiling fans are designed to create comfortable airflow throughout large spaces like Railway Station. This increases passenger comfort. Austar HVLS Fan Are manufactured using low power consumption technology. Austar HVLS Fans are less maintenance

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Industrial HVLS Fan

Austar’s “AS” Series of high volume low speed fans control the temperature and manage the heat of large area. Industrial high-volume low-speed fan (HVLS Fan) circulates even air flow. It provides clean and cool air to employees.

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