HVLS Fan in Mumbai

Austar is one of the largest manufacturers of HVLS Fans in Ahmedabad and across the world. Our HVLS Fans produces a large pressure of air which is cylindrical in nature and then flows across the rooms from up to down. Being a manufacturer of HVLS Fan, we certainly know the pain points of our customer and our HVLS Fans are used extensively in various industries such as Airport, Church or Railway Station. Our HVLS Fans circulate the air very efficiently along the vast space of your facility.

As an HVLS Fan Manufacturer, we are supplying our HVLS Fans in various parts of the country. HVLS fan have a specialty where they keep the entire space covered by them as cold and balance the air flow which in turns help them remove the hot and cold spots.

Among the Industry Circles of HVLS Fan Manufacturer, we are known for having a great quality, persistent process and reliable products. Our customers consider us the best HVLS Fan Manufacturer in Ahmedabad and our customers rely on our services for efficiently running Austar HVLS Fans.

Austar have been awarded with Best HVLS Fan Manufacturer by various entities and this shows our HVLS Fans Quality and Robustness. Austar have many types of HVLS Fans such as Pole Mounted HVLS Fan, Helicopter based HVLS Fan and 5 Blade Electric HVLS Fans which provide improved airflow in your facility. Your Facility infact becomes cooler and the people doing work in these facilities remain at comfort zone of their work. These fans are extensively used in Commercial and Industrial spaces.

HVLS Fan Manufacturer in Mumbai

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If You Are Looking For Heavy 5 Blade Gearless HVLS Fans Which Are Both Reliable And Affordable, You’re At Right Place!

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HVLS Fan For Warehouse

Warehouse are particularly massive stock holder place which is made of tens of thousand of square meet. In Wareshouses, Fans become ineffective to give air to such a big space. Keeping this pain point in mind we have built and designed our HVLS fans to tackle such a situation.

HVLS Fan For Railway Station

Austar HVLS ceiling fans are designed to create comfortable airflow throughout large spaces like Railway Station. This increases passenger comfort. Austar HVLS Fan Are manufactured using low power consumption technology. Austar HVLS Fans are less maintenance

Industrial HVLS Fan

Austar’s “AS” Series of high volume low speed fans control the temperature and manage the heat of large area. Industrial high-volume low-speed fan (HVLS Fan) circulates even air flow. It provides clean and cool air to employees.

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